Meet the 2017 Organizers: Alysa Stewart, Graphic Novels Chair

Alysa Stewart accidentally forgot how to read for pleasure during her first couple years of college. After rediscovering the joy of children’s literature during a glorious Christmas break, she vowed to never again neglect her favorite hobby.  It must have been an Unbreakable Vow.

Alysa is hooked on the idea of being a children’s librarian, and has begun preparing herself for that role by earning a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, keeping a book blog called Everead and participating in the Cybils every year since 2008. However, she is not actively seeking employment in a library. For now, she is content to be the stay-at-home-librarian to her growing young family.

This will be Alysa’s first year as a category organizer for the Cybils. She has discovered that she fields the question “What is a graphic novel?” far less often now than she did in 2009, when she first judged the category.