2017 Finalist Reactions!

We love seeing them! Here’s what we found across social media over the past couple of days: 

Ahhhhhhhh The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart is a Cybils Finalist (in the Elementary/MG Speculative Fiction category: https://t.co/pUeBF9dRTb )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so, SO thrilled and over-the-moon about this!!! @KidsBloomsbury @bloomsburykids https://t.co/erjE1QctrC
— Stephanie Burgis 🐲 (@stephanieburgis) January 1, 2018
I’m absolutely still in shock. THANK YOU for selecting OVERBOARD!
— Terry Lynn Johnson (@TerryLynnJ) January 1, 2018
AHHHHHHH! So thrilled that CACTUS is a Cybils finalist! Thank you so much to everyone!! https://t.co/3CnBxoKTAo
— Dusti Bowling 🌵 (@Dusti_Bowling) January 1, 2018
What an awesome way to kick off 2018! I’m honored, and absolutely thrilled, to share that Caleb and Kit is a @cybils finalist! https://t.co/GDQGfeMO8H
— Beth Vrabel 🐻 📚 (@beth_vrabel) January 1, 2018
WOOT! WOOT! We are SO thrilled to have BOUND BY ICE selected as a #Cybils 2017 Jr. High #nonfiction Finalist! https://t.co/ny9xS7L5we
— Sandra Neil Wallace (@SandraNWallace) January 1, 2018
What an amazing list to be a part of! Thank you, @AndersonGL and @cybils!
— Laura Knowles (@LauraMakesBooks) January 1, 2018
Excited that #OnceUponAJungle has made it onto the @cybils shortlist. What a great start to the year. https://t.co/VbtWduxlRS
— Laura Knowles (@LauraMakesBooks) January 1, 2018
This is an enormous honor. Thank you to Ms. Yingling, an early supporter of Armstrong & Charlie, to Greg Pattridge for nominating the book, and to CYBILS and the entire community of bookbloggers who connect young readers with books. Where would we be without you? https://t.co/FqhGQVM8l5
— Steven B. Frank (@stevenbfrank) January 1, 2018
WOW! Thank you @cybils for choosing OVERBOARD! What a way to start the New Year! https://t.co/RRAvJ7NbC3 http://pic.twitter.com/CiEgRVepQh
— Terry Lynn Johnson (@TerryLynnJ) January 1, 2018
I’m flabbergasted. I keep rereading this to make sure it’s for real. THE COUNTDOWN CONSPIRACY is a finalist in the 2017 #Cybils Awards for Elementary/Middle Grade Speculative Fiction. I’m tearing up. Thank you, thank you, thank you, @Cybils. https://t.co/wcH2shvJcX
— Katie Slivensky (@paleopaws) January 1, 2018
Like, I don’t think it’s coming across adequately in my Twitter posts. I am STUNNED over here. This was wholly unexpected. I’m just so touched and so honored and having a lot of emotions at once.
— Katie Slivensky (@paleopaws) January 1, 2018
SONG OF THE CURRENT is a Cybils finalist 😱 !!?! https://t.co/wwlHMl4OXu
— Sarah Tolcser (@SarahTolcser) January 1, 2018
Congratulations to author @ftlukens, whose The Rules and Regulations for Mediating Myths and Magic has been named a Cybils Award finalist for YA Speculative Fiction! https://t.co/gvW9CyoRu6 http://pic.twitter.com/f6JZdMOP1a
— Interlude Press (@InterludePress) January 1, 2018
THRILLED to have BOUND BY ICE named a 2017 CYBILS FINALIST with these amazing #nonfiction titles. Thank-you @Cybils! Humbled & honored to be listed among these dedicated & talented authors. Congratulations! https://t.co/O2cQkLDzVj #mglit #kidlit http://pic.twitter.com/YExDvydOq9
— Sandra Neil Wallace (@SandraNWallace) January 1, 2018
Cybils! What a wonderful way to kick off 2018! Shark Lady and What Makes a Monster are both @cybils finalists! So happy curious readers are enjoying these books! 🌎💙 http://pic.twitter.com/BU2DIeC32e
— Jess Keating (@Jess_Keating) January 1, 2018  
This is so cool! LAST DAY ON MARS is a @cybils Finalist! @WaldenPondPress @HarperChildrens https://t.co/KOLtXAyerG
— Kevin Emerson (@kcemerson) January 1, 2018  
EEEEEE!!!! Zoey and Sassafras made the shortlist for the Early Chapter Book @cybils award!!!!!! 🤩 https://t.co/AdBtOLavLI http://pic.twitter.com/M1HFwHdjJI
— Asia Citro (@AsiaCitroAuthor) January 1, 2018
Oh man! So excited to be in such august company! Thank you, Charlotte, and thank you, @Cybils panel! https://t.co/FeE5MXym6B
— Sage Blackwood ❄ (@urwalder) January 1, 2018
What an honor to see Armstrong & Charlie on this list! Thank you CYBILS and all the bookbloggers whose work helps connect young readers with books. Where would we be without you?
— Steven B. Frank (@stevenbfrank) January 1, 2018
Absolutely thrilled that TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE: IT’S ALIVE! is a @cybils finalist along with these other wonderful books by amazing authors! @joanpaq @WaldenPondPress @darshanakhiani https://t.co/hR7Yeluz25
— Laurie Ann Thompson (@LaurieThompson) January 1, 2018 
TWO Jan Thomas titles and a PRINCESS IN BLACK among the @cybils Easy Reader finalists! https://t.co/rPRGQUJxRv
— Wernick & Pratt (@WernickPratt) January 1, 2018
I’m honored to be in such esteemed company, thank you @cybils! https://t.co/66wPUbCcBP
— Michelle Schaub (@Schaubwrites) January 2, 2018
WOW, thank you, @cybils — what a huge honor, as well as a crazy-flattering description of my book. We happen to have just a few “Woo!”s leftover from our new year’s party last night, so I’d better use them here before they go bad: Woo! Woo! Woo! https://t.co/RO8lvWBuSr
— Chris Harris (@justchrisharris) January 2, 2018
Thanks Melissa! Congrats Deborah and Ann. Huge thanks @cybils!
— Deborah Kops (@Deborahkops) January 2, 2018
 So thrilled to see My Fantástica Family nominated as a Cybils Finalist in 2017 Early Chapter Book/Easy Reader category https://t.co/VLVBWrFg2m @CapstonePub http://pic.twitter.com/VLhEP76fsv
— Jacqueline Jules (@jacquelinejules) January 2, 2018
“Full of action, suspense, and realistic and plausible science and math, this is not only science fiction at its best, but one for those who love middle grade mysteries and school stories as well!” – @book_nut 💜Thanks for including THE COUNTDOWN CONSPIRACY as a @cybils finalist!
— Katie Slivensky (@paleopaws) January 2, 2018
We could be more excited to have not one,but TWO books listed as finalists for @cybils Awards this year!LAST DAY ON MARS by @kcemerson & TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE by @joanpaq & @LaurieThompson! Thank you to everyone @cybils for all your hard work & this honor! https://t.co/CihbiMNfnI http://pic.twitter.com/GVld3jf1bh
— Walden Pond Press (@WaldenPondPress) January 2, 2018
Thank you so much! I’m so thrilled and honored! Happy new year!!!
— Hena Khan (@henakhanbooks) January 2, 2018
What an unbelievable honor to be on #Cybils shortlist–thank you so much!!!📚🏀💕 https://t.co/7K0i2ueLMI
— Jared Reck (@reckj) January 2, 2018
Thank you! Such an honor 🙌🏽
— Pablo Cartaya (@phcartaya) January 2, 2018
Oh, thank you so much for choosing Saints and Misfits as a YA finalist! I’m beyond honored! 😊✨✨
— S. K. Ali ✏️💗 (@SajidahWrites) January 2, 2018
Very excited to learn that SOUPY LEAVES HOME by me and @joepi @darkhorse is a @cybils finalist! https://t.co/V4qEldzBW5
— cecil castellucci (@misscecil) January 2, 2018
I’m honored that Millbrook Press has three Cybils finalists: DAZZLE SHIPS, ZOO SCIENTISTS TO THE RESCUE, and LOCKED UP FOR FREEDOM. Congrats, all! Check out all the finalists here: https://t.co/moZXb3C372 http://pic.twitter.com/R9VNwJsWvY
— Carol Hinz (@CarolCHinz) January 2, 2018
 Lovely to kick off the new year with two 2017 #Cybils Finalists – ONE LAST WORD by @nikkigrimes9 and RESTART by @gordonkorman. Congrats, both!
— Elizabeth Harding (@ehardingnyc) January 2, 2018
 THRILLED to see that my picture book pick made the final @cybils list! BAABWAA & WOOLIAM by @DavidElliott10 & Melissa Sweet. If you stopped by the @quailridgebooks kids dept, I probably told you to buy this one AND the other finalists! Congrats, all! https://t.co/ccJpdPnY6o
— Michelle Leonard #IndiesFirst (@MGYABookJunkie) January 2, 2018
Happy New Year and congrats to all! Millbrook rocks. 🎉 And thank you Cybils! https://t.co/Z1SvG1HPPU
— Patricia Newman (@PatriciaNewman) January 2, 2018
Honored to be on this list!!
— Mary Losure (@MLosure) January 2, 2018
Something in the water around here… Congrats to 2017 @cybils finalists @LaurieThompson, @sselfors, @kcemerson, @Dorihbutler, @AsiaCitroAuthor, @CorinnaLuyken, Nina Laden and everyone else! 👏🏼👏🏾👏👏🏻 See the whole list. https://t.co/0eRDaIKf3e
— SCBWI WWA (@scbwiwwa) January 2, 2018
Congrats to @duncantonatiuh‘s #Danza, @tonyaboldenbook‘s #PathfindersBook & S.D. Nelson’s #RedCloud. All 2017 @cybils finalists for “Elementary / Middle Grade Nonfiction” 🎉 https://t.co/kDvPwMnOX8
— ABRAMS Kids (@abramskids) January 2, 2018
Very honored to have #TheBookofMistakes on this list! Thank you!!
— Corinna Luyken (@CorinnaLuyken) January 2, 2018
Thank you to the @cybils for choosing SONG OF THE CURRENT as a finalist! I was so surprised & happy! 😍
— Sarah Tolcser (@SarahTolcser) January 2, 2018
So happy & honored that Saints and Misfits is a finalist for the Cybils award in the category of YA fiction! Thanks so much @cybils! ✨💕😊 https://t.co/9PHtQOfaHn
— S. K. Ali ✏️💗 (@SajidahWrites) January 2, 2018
HAVE YOU HEARD? BOUND BY ICE is a 2017 CYBILS AWARD Finalist along with these fantastic #mglit #Nonfiction titles! https://t.co/O2cQkLDzVj #kidlit #AwardWinning http://pic.twitter.com/8unY5klIqF
— Sandra Neil Wallace (@SandraNWallace) January 2, 2018
— Lerner Books (@LernerBooks) January 2, 2018
We’re so excited to hear that SAINTS AND MISFITS is a YA Finalist for @cybils!!! 🎉 Huge congrats to @SajidahWrites, who we got to interview for the second issue of our zine 💕 https://t.co/rp6Q23pxEb http://pic.twitter.com/zy8uWwOgEF
— Stay Bookish Zine (@staybookishzine) January 2, 2018
I’m honored (and a little giddy) to see THE HEARTS WE SOLD is a finalist for the Cybils in the YA speculative fiction category! Thank you so much @cybils! ♥️
— Emily Lloyd-Jones (@em_llojo) January 3, 2018
.@cybils names POISON: DEADLY DEEDS, PERILOUS PROFESSIONS, AND MURDEROUS MEDICINES a finalist in the Junior/Senior High Non-Fiction category! Check it out➡️ https://t.co/vc0XWqXueC http://pic.twitter.com/RhP5JcwV0k
— Random House Kids (@randomhousekids) January 3, 2018
Hooray!!!! WHEN YOUR LION NEEDS A BATH is a #boardbook Cybils Award Finalist.
— bookmark literary (@teresakie) January 3, 2018
As more come in, we’ll definitely highlight them. Thanks for spreading the word!