Meet the 2018 Organizers: Pam Margolis, Young Adult Speculative Fiction

Pam’s been an avid reader all of her life. In fact, she was probably in line for a book when they handed out map skills. Growing up she loved the classics but now that she’s a grown up she has learned to love all genres of books, especially books for kids and teens. Her passion is helping kids find books containing diversity. After all, kids want to read books about people who look like them. She’s created the Diversity Reading Challenge which challenges readers to read 12 books containing diverse characters. In her spare time she puts on a tutu and tiara and hosts tea parties, hosts a podcast called The Cut with Pam Margolis, discussing diversity in children’s books and regularly speaks concerning global vaccinations as a Shot@Life Champion.

She can be found on Twitter @Pamlovesbooks and blogs at An Unconventional