Category Description: Elementary/Middle Grade Nonfiction

Kids are curious about the world around them and nonfiction is the perfect way to introduce them to that amazing world. History? Biography? Art? Science? Math? Animals? Sports? Itโ€™s all here and more besides! We love text and illustrations or photographs that will wow kids and adults alike and topics so fascinating that kids will want to go digging for more, more, more nonfiction!

Elementary/Middle Grade Nonfiction includes titles with factual content and informational titles. At least 50% or more of the book should be narrative nonfiction (as opposed to experiments, activities, instructional, or collections of facts without a strong narrative thread like encyclopedias). Mythology, folklore, poetry, graphic novels (including nonfiction), and historical fiction should be nominated in the appropriate category (which isnโ€™t this one). We are currently accepting nominations only in print (no ebooks or books containing additional materials like kits) for this category.

How do I decide which category to nominate in?

  • Elementary Nonfiction
    • Intended for preschool through beginning readers (picture books, easy readers, and early chapters).
  • Middle Grade Nonfiction
    • Intended for elementary age readers up through 5th grade. May include picture books with more complex text and themes as well as chapter books.

— Reshama Deshmukh, Category Chair