Now Accepting Publisher & Author Submissions

Dear publishers and authors,

The public has weighed in, nominating favorite titles, and we hope that some of yours were among them. If not, never fear, now is your turn! Between now and October 25, publishers and authors may submit your own eligible  titles for consideration, up to 10% of your books published in 2019, rounded. (If you published fewer than ten titles, you  may still submit one title.)

We want to make sure we’re considering every book that we should be considering, so we provide this opportunity for publishers and authors to submit so that you can fill in the gaps with books that were missed during our public nomination period. Please submit those books that meet our dual criteria of literary merit and kid/teen appeal. We’re looking for books that are high quality, well-written and that kids will love. We are also strongly supportive of greater diversity in children’s books, especially #OwnVoices books, so please consider that in choosing your submissions.

Submitted books are considered on a fair and equal basis with nominated books; there is no advantage to one or the other. The only thing we ask is that you don’t call submitted titles “nominees.” 

View the complete submission instructions here. The link to download the submission spreadsheet is item #5 in the instructions.

You don’t need to submit books that were nominated during our public nomination period, and those books don’t count towards your 10%. I’ll be in touch as soon as possible with a list of your nominated titles. You can view all the nominated titles by category here:

If you have questions, please feel free to email me at

Sheila Ruth, Publisher Liaison