REVIEW: Kiss No. 8

Today’s review of Young Adult Graphic Novel Kiss No. 8 (Amazon, IndieBound) comes from Graphic Novel chair Mel Schuit, who usually blogs at Let’s Talk About Picture Books. For this review, however, Mel guest hosted The Children’s Book Podcast, talking with the authors Colleen AF Venable and Ellen T. Crenshaw. About the book, Colleen said: 

I realized there were big holes [with gay representation] in YA books. I actually started writing Kiss in 2004, which is where it was set, because i realized that there weren’t books with trans representation, with bi representation… pan wasn’t even a thing. So, it was one of these things that came from the idea of a book that had to do with religion, without religion being a bad guy, and I also wanted to show everybody.  

Listen to the whole podcast here