2020 Cybils Judges: Young Adult Fiction/Speculative Fiction

Cybils Awards Logo, 200 px

Round 1

Jennifer Naughton
The Bookish Society
Twitter @bookishsociety
Instagram @bookish_society

Sondra Eklund
Twitter: @Sonderbooks

Gary Anderson
What’s Not Wrong?
Twitter @AndersonGL
Instagram @glanderson

Jenna Ehler 
West Des Moines Public Library
Twitter @wdmlibraryteen

Grace Barker
Grace Gets Books
Twitter @gracegetsbooks
Instagram @gracegetsbooks

Sarah Cook
Sarah the Story Girl
Youtube Channel
Instagram @sarahthestorygirl

Rine Karr
Twitter @rinekarr
Instagram @rinekarr

Round 2

Helen Murdoch
Helen’s Book Blog
Twitter @hcmurdoch
Instagram @hcmurdoch

Dana Foley
Instagram: @illreadwhatsheread

Rachel Patton
Twitter @rachelkpatton
Instagram @rachelkpatton

Wendy Gassaway
Falconer’s Library
Twitter @WendyGassaway

Carla Riemer
Books I Can’t shut Up About
Twitter @carlawr