Meet the 2020 Organizers: Terry Doherty, Social Media Guru/Literary Evangelist

In 2001, Terry’s love of children’s literature was reignited because she was reading with her then infant daughter. That love cannot be extinguished. She’ll match any adult book you offer her with an even better one for kids and teens. Being part of the Cybils allows Terry to share her passion for reading and talk books with people who “get” her. She loves her role as Social Media Guru and is excited to join the Cybils Board. 

Terry blogs at The Reading Tub and can be found in the Socialsphere as @TheReadingTub on Twitter; The Reading Tub on Facebook; @readingtub on Instagram and when she remembers,  ReadingTub on Pinterest. Want to know what she’s reading? Check out her constantly growing Goodreads reviews.