Our Favorite Day is Coming! Tomorrow!!

The 2020 Cybils Finalists will be announced tomorrow! We can’t wait!

However, there is first some business to take care of. One of the things we at the CYBILS have taken seriously this year is representation. We had diversity training for the board, the chairs, and the judges because we wanted to make sure everyone is aware of what good representation in a book should be. We hope that this shows in our shortlists. That said, we want to make you aware of a form we have put on the website that would allow anyone — from judges to casual blog readers —  to report books that they feel are incompatible with our values. It can also be used to report harassment in any form. The form may be submitted anonymously or with contact information if the submitter would like updates. You can find the form here. Reports submitted to the Cybils Awards via this form or other means are taken very seriously. We have a process for evaluating books reported to us, which includes having the book read by at least two Board members so that we can make an informed decision about the status of the reported book. 

We strive for transparency here and we hope this is a step that will help us maintain that. 

And tomorrow: the finalists!!