#CybilsAwards Book Lists: Dinosaurs and Dragons!

Ah, two timeless animals, one real, but has mythical status; the other mythical, but we wish were real.

Dragons: the beasts from mythology, large, fire-breathing, flying monsters that we love to imagine as both terrifying and benevolent and that appeal to all kids, no matter age, size, or gender. And Dinosaurs: the beasts from Earth’s past, large, fire-breathing, flying monsters that we love to imagine both terrifying and benevolent and that appeal to all kids no matter age, size, or gender.

So many similarities. Why not put their books together in a list?

Zoom: Dinosaur Adventure
by Susan Hayes, illustrated by Sam Rennocks
What On Earth

Dinosaur Adventure follows two adventurers as they travel back in time, and I love that their time machine shows the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic periods!
– Sam Richardson at littlecubliteracy

Kitty and Dragon
by Meika Hashimoto, illustrated by Gillian Reid
Andrews McMeel Publishing

Beginning readers will love these sweet stories and whimsical illustrations Gillian Reid capture Kitty’s and Dragon’s personalities and humor. Kitty and Dragon has the nostalgic look of older picture books and whimsy that will captivate young readers. – Thompson McLeod at Young Adult Books (MG, Adult and PB, too!)-What We’re Reading Now

A Little Bit of Dinosaur
by Elleen Hutcheson and Darcy Pattison, illustrated by John Joven
Mims House

Compelling, unflinching, and clear, I’d recommend to any kid who is interested in fossils, the water cycle, and who doesn’t mind the idea of joining the circle of life themselves.-  Dr. Genevieve Ford

Attack of the Killer Komodos
by Summer Rachel Short
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Readers who like fast-paced action will love it just for that; readers who like fantastical creatures will love it for the menagerie presented here (especially Ezra’s snake friend), and scientifically-minded kids will appreciate how much of it is actually based in real science (as explained in the end-notes). – Charlotte at Charlotte’s Library

City of Thieves (Battle Dragons #1)
by Alex London

There is just tons of action and adventure and layers of danger and intrigue here! Vivid descriptions and great characterization and a nice dollop of relatable adolescent angst and relatable comic book reading make it tremendously easy to imagine the target audience just eating it up. – Charlotte at Charlotte’s Library

Dragon Mountain
by Katie Tsang and Kevin Tsang
Sterling Children’s Books

The Dragon in the Library: Kit the Wizard, Book 1
by Louie Stowell, illustrated by Davide Ortu
Walker Books for Young Readers

In a fast-paced and funny adventure, Kit must use the magic of books to save the library—and its resident dragon—from a power-hungry tycoon. – GRgenius at Satisfaction by Insatiable Readers

A Dragonbird in the Fern
by Laura Rueckert