#Cybils2022 Idea Boards are here!

Last summer we launched the first-ever CYBILS Awards Idea Boards using padlet.com. Our goal: create a place where readers can share their favorite recent reads.

  • Books they can’t stop talking about.
  • Titles they want other readers to discover for themselves.
  • Books they think might have some award-worthy potential.

The Idea Boards turned out to be not just a place to share great reads, but also a place, come October, to find nomination ideas in genres that may be outside one’s normal reading choices. So guess what? We’re bringing them back!

Summer means more free time to tackle that TBR. It is also the perfect time to launch our 2022 CYBILS Awards Idea Boards. To make it easy for you (and your soon-to-be-toppling TBR), head to our #CYBILS2022 Idea Boards page. It has everything you need, from how to add a book, tips on easy ways to contribute, and links to the board for every category.