#Cybils2022 Book Lists: Ocean Life

About mid-January, when I’ve recovered from the holidays and there’s nothing left but dark and cold in my part of the world, I start longing for the warmth and sunshine and ocean waves. What better way to get us there than through books that are exploring all things ocean?

Good Eating: The Short Life of Krill
by Matt Lilley, Illustrated by Dan Tavis
Tilbury House

” I never knew how much I wanted to know about the life cycle of this diminutive denizen of the deeps. Perfect comic expressions charm readers of all levels” – Genevieve Ford

Over and Under the Waves
by Kate Messner, illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal
Chronicle Books

” I never knew how much I wanted to know about the life cycle of this diminutive denizen of the deeps. Perfect comic expressions charm readers of all levels” – Genevieve Ford

What A Shell Can Tell
by Helen Scales, illustrated by Sonia Pulido

“Beautiful, informative, and engaging in every way. We’ve been completely impressed!” – TheBrookeList

Diving Deep: Using Machines to Explore the Ocean
by Michelle Cusolito, illustrated by Nicole Wong

“The illustrations capture the ocean’s many personalities from bright and colorful to dark and moody. This book is perfect for Elementary students interested in marine life and STEM.” – Mary Duffy

Anglerfish: The Seadevil of the Deep
by Elaine M. Alexander, illustrated by Fiona Fogg
Candlewick Press

“Elaine Alexander writes an informative book with whimsical illustrations by Fiona Fogg. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about anglerfish, given that the only think I knew about them came from the animated film _Finding Nemo_.” – Karen D. Austin

The Secret Life of the Sea Otter
by Laurence Pringle, illustrated by Kate Garchinsky
Astra Young Readers

“In fewer than forty words, enhanced by accurately detailed and appealingly drawn illustrations of the otter and her ocean. each page turn reveals more about the coastal habitat and the environment she shares with other living things. Text incorporates age-appropriate terms that are italicized to indicate further information will be found in a glossary at the back.” – Sandy Brehl

The Tide Pool Waits
by Candace Fleming, illustrated by Amy Hevron
Neal Porter Books

“I learned about many ocean animals that I’d never heard of before reading this book. The acrylic paint and pencil illustrations are perfection. The lack of outlines makes them have almost a dream like quality.” – Bridget Wilson

Yoshi and the Ocean: A Sea Turtle’s Incredible Journey Home
by Lindsay Moore
Greenwillow Books

“The account of her trip has a lot of details from nature, but it’s told in a lyric manner. The illustrations, also by Moore, are rich, beautiful, and detailed.” – Karen D. Austin

Deep Dive into Deep Sea: Exploring the Most Mysterious Levels of the Ocean
by Tim Flannery, illustrated by Sam Caldwell
Norton Young Readers

“Deep Dive into Deep Sea is a fantastically illustrated exploration of the levels of the ocean, with information broken into accessible and interesting tidbits.” – TheBrookeList

by Katherine Applegate, illustrated by Charles Santoso
Feiwel & Friends

“Applegate makes strong points about conservation and throughout the story and in her author’s note, which provides background on her inspiration for Odder. Charles Santoso’s black and white illustrations guarantee that you’ll need to stock your nonfiction section with more books on otters; kids will fall in love with gentle story.” – Rosemary Kiladitis

by Diana Farid, illustrated by Kris Goto
Cameron Kids

“I love this book. Of the ten+ novels-in-verse I’ve read so far this year, it is my favorite so far.” – Anne@HeadFullofBooks

Nicolo the Hermit Crab
by Christopher Arthur Andrews, illustrated by Doo Lee and Alexandra Kube
Palmetto Publishing

Sea Creature Creeps
by John Sazaklis, illustrated by Patrycja Fabicka
Picture Window Books