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We hope you’ve had a chance to explore our library on Goodreads. Maybe even recommended a book to us. [Thanks for that, BTW.]

Let’s be honest. Bookshelves are nice and all, but what’s more fun – and what our judges keep telling us (hint) – is the chance to talk about books (hint hint)! In the last three surveys, our judges asked for more time to connect with each other and talk about books, even as they are reading them. We listened, and the answer is

CYBILS Awards Bookies

a Goodreads community. Like other book groups and book clubs, you can share your thoughts, engage in discussion, and ask other passionate readers for ideas. But (and there’s always a “but”) where else can you

  • talk about books with CYBILS potential and titles from CYBILS past that got away?
  • get a head start on reading books you want to make sure get nominated?
  • learn about books you might be considering this fall as a CYBILS2023 judge?
  • hang out with cool peeps who love books for kids and teens as much as you do?
  • ask category chairs and other judges questions?

Answer: Nowhere.

We’re excited about the CYBILS Awards Bookies community and can’t wait to meet you. We’ll be kicking off a summer reading book club and other fun things in the next few weeks. So, are you ready to bookie?