A DASH OF TROUBLE by Anna Meriano #CYBILS 📚🎶

middle-grade fantasy book playlist

It’s not Friday, but today seems like the perfect day to share Riya’s newest playlist!


by Anna Meriano

Walden Pond Press

Elementary/Middle-Grade Speculative Fiction
2018 CYBILS Awards

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2019 Elementary/Middle-Grade Speculative Fiction finalist

The Book

Elementary/Middle-Grade Speculative Fiction
family, fantasy, food, magic, witches

It’s not easy being the youngest of five sisters, but what makes it worse for Leo is being told she is too young to help in the family bakery for the annual Día de los Muertos festival. To top it off, the family secret is revealed by accident – they are Mexican brujas, who put magic to work in their baking! Leo knows could help, if they’d let her. When her best friend starts to fall for a boy, she decides to test her baking magic and prove her talent so she can join in the family traditions. It’s magically realistic, with a family that makes mistakes and forgives and fills the pages with baking love. Readers will warm to this story full of spells going hilariously wrong, baking, family love and friendship.

Blurb by Kristen Harvey, The Book Monsters


The Music

Take a whimsical adventure through Día de los Muertos and the world of brujas with Leo and the Logroño family with this playlist based on the middle-grade novel A DASH OF TROUBLE! Leo (the main character) is a bubbly and brave girl from an all-baker family. The youngest of five sisters, Leo has lots of mischievous encounters as she discovers her family’s deepest secret and learns what true magic is.

Enjoy this playlist and its collection of some of the most iconic Spanish love songs, folk music, and Día de Los Muertos hits. They will fill you you with a perfect blend of amor, azúcar, y magica!

The Girl

Riya Fernando

Riya is thrilled to be able to combine two of her favorite things: books and music. She is an avid reader who can often be found with her nose in a murder mystery while listening to contemporary piano music, her favorite genre of piano music to listen to and play. She was introduced to CYBILS Awards through her mother, Category Chair and CYBILS Awards Board Member, who helped Riya cultivate her love for books. She hopes that others will love these playlists as much as she does!