Ahem, Publishers?

call to update publisher info

Hi Publishers,

Can I have a moment of your time? 

As you know, October is a big deal around here. On October 1, the public nominates its favorites of the year; and on 10/16, you get a chance to submit additional CYBILS-worthy books. Our judges are tasked with reading all those books and produce finalists lists by 12/31. 

We strongly encourage judges to use library resources, but there are always books that judges can’t get. That’s where we need your help.

With such a short turn-around time, it’s really important that we have contact information for your Awards Submission person BEFORE all that work starts in October.  We need only three pieces of information: Contact’s name, email, and phone number, with extension.

Thanks for your time. Here’s to reading and book joy!


Sheila Ruth
Executive Director & Publisher Liaison