Fiction Friday | #CYBILS2023 Book Reviews 11.3.23

Welcome to the first Friday in November and our very first Fri-YA. Sorry, we couldn’t resist. Two things to know about our Friday review posts.

First, Fiction Fridays will be sharing space with Poetry Friday. Each edition of Fri-YA will include a young adult fiction title and a YA graphic novel. Second, we’ll showcase a YA Speculative Fiction book every Saturday.

Our judges thoroughly enjoyed these nominees. That said, you need to know that both books are quite graphic.

  • TheNextGenLibrarian includes these content warnings for Five Survive: murder, blood, death of a parent, death, hospitalization, gun, alcohol use, physical assault, violence.
  • Vulpixbookpix explains that The Librarian of Auschwitz depicts “malnourished prisoners, naked and scared bodies, and even shows the mass graves that people were put in.”


Gina @ Goodreads – It was very compelling to read as far as reveals and plot rises and falls went, just as I expected from Holly Jackson.  There are very clear character motivations behind most of the characters in this book, and they’re all revealed along the way, mostly at crucial moments, but hints are dropped as you go, too. The stakes are appropriately high, and there were lots of times where I had no clue what was going to happen next. As usual with a thriller, there’s really not much else I can say about this without ruining your fun. But I will say I fully recommend this,

Cindy on behalf of Kiss the Book, review by Carolina Herdegen – Tensions are high from the start, and Jackson doesn’t let up. These desperate characters are up all night, and readers get caught up in the fear and frustration. New chapters bring more complications, not the relief everyone is hoping for – and it was thrilling to read, except for those times when I wanted to reach in and punch that one guy in the face. While the ending is somewhat open-ended, I was satiated by the denouement.


vulpixbookpix @ Bookish Things – The art in this graphic novel spares no expenses at telling and showing the dreadful event that was the Holocaust. There are malnourished prisoners, naked and scared bodies, and it even shows the mass graves that people were put in. All of this is absolutely necessary to know what horrors the past held so we can speak out against future atrocities. Five stars.

Deborah @ Goodreads – A beautifully illustrated graphic novel version of the novel. While it doesn’t do a true deep dive of the actual novel, the story itself is straight forward. Only thing that would prevent me from including this in my MS library is the illustrations of the selection process, due to their graphic nature. Otherwise, this is a GN I would highly recommend.

TheNextGenLibrarian @ Goodreads – A gorgeous and truthful adaptation of a powerful book that’s needed in every library.