Middle-Grade Monday | #CYBILS2023 Book Reviews 11.13.2023

Book summaries come from Goodreads. Clicking the book cover will take you there, should you want to add the book to your TBR. Now that we have “all the books,” these lists will include nominees and submissions.

If you’re looking for Elementary/Middle-Grade Speculative Fiction, check out last Saturday’s post.


Rachael @ Goodreads – Dan Santat is a rock star. I love the honesty and realness and relatability. Anyone who was self-conscious, afraid, lost, insecure, etc. in middle school (which is everyone) will relate to Dan and his amazing trip through Europe learning to love himself and trust himself. If you haven’t read Santat yet, pick this up immediately.

Anne, Head Full of Books @ Goodreads – I related so much to feelings of awkwardness and being unsure of himself, and also want to see all the places he went myself. Readers will root for him and identify with him, too.

Vulpixbookpix @ Tumblr – I think this could be a great book for a shy child, or one that is nervous about what high school may bring. It can show that taking a few risks could lead to an amazing time. 4 out of 5 stars


Melissa @ Book Nut – This one was super sweet and charming. I liked how the problems were quite serious for an 11-year-old – what is more important than friendships and your parents staying together? I liked that Collier wrote a book with a realistic portrait of parents whose marriage is struggling, but who put their child first, and are kind and loving. Even in their problems, it’s depicting a positive relationship. I liked that Maya was able to see that her friends being friends with others isn’t bad and that she was able to branch her passions out beyond just playing soccer.

Jessica @ Cracking the Cover – Author Nicole D. Collier’s invites her readers in with warm and comfortable prose. Her writing is like a warm hug. She takes readers on a journey as she fully realizes Maya’s character. And her use of friends is nicely balanced. It’s authentic and beautiful and full of hope and promise.

Deborah @ Goodreads – I loved this book. It hits all the feels. I loved how the author used the fortunes for the chapter titles and how they fit into story. Definitely another to add to the collection!