See Me Read! | #CYBILS2023 Book Reviews 12.14.2023

Remember when we said that we’d alternate between book reviews and book lists on Thursdays? Well, scratch that! Our Easy Reader/Early Chapter Book panel is cranking out reviews, and we don’t want you to miss a single one.

Today’s picks are inspiring stories of friendship, teamwork, and making a difference in the lives of others – and not just human! All Are Welcome is an easy reader that is inclusive and focuses on kid activism and community service. In The Rescues Finding Home, main characters Moose and Bear are dogs with special needs [Moose has one eye, Bear has three legs] who are both adopted by a girl named Cathy.Β 

Happy Thursday!

Summaries via Goodreads. Clicking the cover takes you to the book page for full review.
Opinions are those of the reviewers and do not reflect or represent the CYBILS Awards.


Sarah @ Goodreads – This early reader encourages activism, community service and helping others. The text is lyrical. There isn’t an overarching story or plot. Instead it gives kids ideas of ways they can help their community. Very inclusive book.

Kirsten @ Goodreads – This is a heartwarming book that is written perfectly with rhymes for young readers. I would highly recommend this book to all kids and families.

Ellen @ On the Shelf 4 Kids – I think young readers will find this book inspiring to think about what can be done to make the world an even better place. My favorite illustration is of a classmate in a wheelchair in front of a pair of chalk drawn butterfly wings on the wall behind her. We can all do good and make a difference.Β 


Kirsten @ Goodreads – This was a really sweet story with cute colored illustrations that share the love that rescue pets can bring. I hope everyone reads this and chooses to adopt an animal.

Sarah @ Goodreads – The story is told from the point of view of two loveable dogs. There’s a bit of a play on words about their names. It went over my kids head and I found it to be a bit of fluff. The real meat of the story comes when the dogs have to make a decision of what to do about a fence. Adding a whole new element of fun and intrigue.