Wee Ones Wednesday | #CYBILS2023 Book Reviews 12.27.2023

Hint: According to our reviewers, young kiddos are going to be captivated by – and draw a lot from – the illustrations in these two picture books. Be prepared to read these again and again, as these books will engage young readers in similar, yet unique ways. 

Firehouse Rainbow explores colors, but it also gives young readers a day-in-the-life look at working in the firehouse. Meeting all kinds of firefighters gives young readers a chance to see themselves in these pages.

A Family Like Ours introduces readers to all kinds of families. The illustrations not only reinforce that families are unique, they also convey that there are intangible bonds that make us more alike than different.

Summary excerpts come from Goodreads. Click the cover to add this book to your TBR.


Brooke @ Goodreads – This Little Golden Book shows us all around a fire station, pointing out the colors of all sorts of things along the way. Murrary shows us older fire fighters, younger ones, white ones, black ones, male ones, and female ones. It’s a diverse and friendly view of the busy life at the station, all the ways they help the community, and also plays on the fact that their meals get interrupted when they are needed. It’s cute, fun, and emphasizes all the colors in a great way. Great ending wraps things up nicely.


Sam @ Little Cub Literacy – A heartwarming picture book that celebrates the diversity and beauty of families. Simple and uplifting words show how every family is unique and special, regardless of their size, shape, color, or composition. Kayla Harren adds to the charm of the book with her soft and realistic drawings of people from different backgrounds, cultures, abilities, and ages. A Family Like Ours is a wonderful book to read with children of all ages, as it encourages them to appreciate their own families and respect the differences of others. It is a book that reminds us that we are all braver, stronger, and happier together.

Brooke @ Goodreads – Exceptional illustrations showing families of all shapes and sizes. Kids could look at these images over and over again. We are all better together, however our families look. The diverse groupings serve as a wonderful reminder that we’re really all one big family.