Fri-YA | #CYBILS2023 Reviews 01.12.24

If it’s Friday,
it’s time for YA.

We love all the books, so it just makes sense that we go into the weekend with some ooh-I-want-to-read-that titles for our weekend entertainment.

Let’s go! The weekend is calling!

PS – It’s not all fiction, either!! We’ve got some high school nonfiction for you, too.

Summaries via Goodreads.
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Jo the Book Girl @ GoodreadsChange the Game is a touching graphic novel demonstrates to readers how a young change-maker learned to find himself and never compromise. The right decision is very rarely the easy one, but taking the road less traveled can make all the difference in the world as in Colin Kaepernick’s life. I’d love to see a sequel exploring the next phase: his career in college. Also one of the best cover art I’ve seen.

NextGen Librarian @ Goodreads – What a beautifully drawn graphic novel about a man who many of us know through his brave actions in the NFL. The lesser known story of how he got started was incredibly fascinating and one I believe will really resonate with young readers.


Hilary @ Goodreads – This is the perfect book to buy your child when or before they are to receive their very first smart phone. It provides guidance that is smart but not preachy, and also educates children on how new media works and how to be savvy and self-preserving with it. Visually appealing (the book itself looks like a phone) with many different types of features to keep kids engaged (i.e., real-life scenarios to get them thinking, quotes from kids, and fun quizzes to complete).


The NextGen Librarian @ Goodreads – Like with most story collection books there were some perspectives I liked more than others, but I did enjoy this YA dark academia fantasy anthology. There were many diverse authors that wrote this so be sure to add it your collection! CW: gore, racism, ableism, transphobia


Deborah @ Goodreads – AMAZING but OMG! Talk about a cliffhanger! Great stand alone mystery with the “Scooby Gang” back together, this time in London, trying to solve a murder with out getting caught by the Head Master of Ellingham. They get to visit a lot of famous landmarks while keeping up the ruse, helping Izzy, the niece of on of the infamous Nine, solve a murder. Stevie needs to figure out her life, college, where she stands with David all while doing her detective thing! Now to wait another YEAR to see what happens with Stevie and the gang!

Gina @ Goodreads – People who are not fans of realism in their YA will not like this story, as they probably have not liked the other installments. Stevie can be frustrating because she’s realistic. There’s almost a parallel between the murder story and Stevie’s story. The group of 9 friends were graduating college and about to begin their separate lives for the first time in years, with the week at the country mansion being their last hurrah. Stevie’s group is going to be graduating high school, but they also will be splitting up assumedly.

I can’t say I guessed the ending to the mystery – I did not really have a guess, but Stevie solved the hell out of it, and I was very glad to see she did her signature Holmes-esque reveal in front of a crowd. I am growing to bank on these moments in the books so I hope it continues as long as the series does.

Rachael @ Goodreads – Three Reasons You Should Read This: 1) This is a duel time flashing between 90’s London and present day London. 2) Fun London setting + Manor House (Map included!) 3) This is perfect for fans of Agatha Christie style murders. I figured out the murderer by Chapter 12 (thanks to all the Poirot I’ve been reading)! Do you think you can solve it faster?

One Thing You Should Know Before You Pick This Up: This is technically part of a series, but this would absolutely work as a standalone if you want to jump in here. But be warned, you will not be able to resist reading the rest of the series. CW: Alcohol, Anxiety, Blood, Death, Grief, Injury Detail, Panic Attacks, Murder