Monday Books | #CYBILS2023 Reviews 01.29.2024

This week? Books for all your senses.

With a nod to nature: a textured board book (watch out for the cactus) to things we cannot see (hold onto your hat, there’s a breeze today) to where colors come from!

And a nod to creativity, ingenuity, and family: There are makers and artists, a party planner, birthdays to celebrate, and some mouth-wateringly delicious food that will have you wanting to try Cantonese food.

Here’s to a deliciously colorful week.

Board Book

Sam @ Little Cub Literacy – This is a great book to pair with any touch and describe activity at home or in the classroom, and I’ll definitely pull it out during lessons on the 5 senses! If you’re looking for a toddler gift this season, GET THI. It’ll  look stunning on display and will be constantly requested, guaranteed. Glad to have a new book on my list of go-to gift selections, one which will be gifted often! 🌵

Fiction Picture Book

Brooke @ Goodreads – This cute story about having a “weird” home lunch reminds me of Geraldine Pu and Her Lunch Box, Too! [2021 CYBILS Finalist] Great stories for school and classroom discussions, as well as using with your own kids to help them get past the need to “fit in” and be the same as other kids. Zia learns to appreciate her culture and the gifts of each person’s unique heritage. Zia’s Cantonese foods are pretty detailed, which makes a great intro to Chinese culture.

Easy Reader

Kirsten @ Goodreads – What do a ghost, the wind, and a fairy all have in common? You can’t see them! Kids will chuckle aloud as they read this story about these invisible things messing with the cat and the dog who you may recognize from some previous books by LaRochelle. The interaction between the book and the reader is unique and entertaining, though the story keeps its repetitiveness necessary for early readers. This book was fun and great for early readers!

Early Chapter Book

Natalie @ Goodreads – This early chapter book is a great introduction to the format with its smattering of illustrations and short ‘n sweet chapters. And with its party-planner theme, this will surely spark the imaginations of many a kiddo.

Sandy @ Goodreads – Readers of any age are likely to find the characters, premise, and execution to be appealing enough to read eagerly and also to reread or refer to in their own potential diary-writing or party planning. The complexity of the content and the presentation style allow this early chapter book to serve older reading audiences who benefit from the simpler text and visual supports but seek content suited to a preteen interest rather than early elementary audience.


Genevieve @ Twitter/X – Clever, yet folksy illustrations, detailed about dyes and pigments, lovely info about colorful figures from history and the sci of color. I love the experiments to try and the back matter!

Karen @ Goodreads – Author Pimentel and illustrator Safer have another hit on their hands. Last year I read Before Music and was informed and entranced. This year I am learning about the origins of color, and it’s fascinating. This book is oversized, but it’s worth all the space it will require on your bookshelf.