Monday Books | #CYBILS2023 Reviews 1.8.24

It’s time to get back to the books … the #CYBILS2023 books, that is.

We’ve introduced the finalists for each of the categories. Truth is, they are a small portion of the books that readers nominated and believe are CYBILS worthy. So we’re going to keep going. If a reader nominated it and a (round 1) judge wrote a review, we’re going to share it with you.

We’re scaling back from daily reviews to thrice weekly. We’re also shifting the focus from category to audience: Mondays are for young readers, Wednesdays for tweens (aka middle-grade, and Friday for teens and young adults. So let’s go …

The Monday menu includes a board book, fiction picture book, easy reader, early chapter book, elementary nonfiction title, and elementary graphic novel.

Review summaries come from Goodreads. Click the cover to learn more and add the book to your TBR.


Brooke @ Goodreads – This whimsical and cutesy little board book feels like a classic baby gift. The darling children are featured on a page for each season, with all the little things they have named, then hiding on the following pages, as a bit of a seek and find. It looks good and has a very classic style.


Gina @ Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers – From cover to unde-cover, inside the cover pages to the back side cover pages, and EVERYTHING in between, this is one story that gets stuck in your teeth in the BEST way possible. It’s charming, it’s witty. I love how the author approaches the topic because some wee ones can get very upset about losing a tooth.  All in all, a new way to approach the legend, and the myth, without punching holes in the glass ceiling of childhood belief. 


Anne @ My Head Is Full of BooksBattle of the Brains encourages readers to think of animals and their amazingly smart brains. It also challenges young readers to compare and contrast the various ways that animals show us how smart they are. The book is funny and inviting. Though this is a child’s book it is designed to be read to children or for older kids who are strong readers. I wish I’d read some of it to my grandson to see how he interacted with the book. I bet he would have found it fascinating.


 Ellen @ On the Shelf 4 Kids – Young readers will want to get to making too after reading about all of Makeda’s creative projects – from a cardboard city to felt flower crowns. The only thing that would make me love this book more would be a section for recipes of the treats referenced both by Makeda, her classmates, and her teacher as well as the connected country associated with each treat.


The Mountain Bookie @ Goodreads – If your ready to introduce your kids to spooky characters or monsters, this is the book for you! Bella has to move to a new town and deal with her parents divorce. She’s got a lot going on. But when the theatre makes eerie noises, she springs into action. She risks a lot to save the theatre and save a creature.


Jo the Book Girl @ Goodreads – This fun early reader graphic novel is a humorous story about a plain ole bear who gets magical powers from a wand iris it a unicorn horn? Bizard’s friends, Fox, Owl, and Squirrel, are all kooky and seem so innocent. Cutest illustrations.