Monday Books | #CYBILS2023 Reviews 2.5.2024

Lions and tigers and cats, oh my. Sorry, we couldn’t resist. But it’s true.

Today’s roundup has those three creatures. But there’s more! This list of 2023-nominated books includes  include stories of family, friendship, feelings, and, well … see for yourself.

And have a FANTASTIC Monday.

Book cover and summary excerpt from Goodreads. Click to see more details and reviews.


Brooke @ Goodreads – The board book’s easy-turn pages are bright and sparkly and the felt flaps are a dream for any parent who knows that flaps never last long. The mirror at the end is always a favorite for babies. Would be a great gift for any new parent or very young child.


Brooke @ Goodreads – Darling picture book (board book. . . with thicker pages?) for younger readers. Explores different animals and their feet, trying to see if you can find the right animal for the missing feet. Fun style and design.


Kirsten @ Goodreads – The way feelings are explained so clearly in this book is great and her use of a few Spanish words is done in a way that kids could understand and learn the new words within the text. The book is as short as a typical early reader, though the text is a bit tougher than other similar titles. I would still recommend this to readers, especially ones who are interested in books with dogs.


Sarah @ Goodreads – What a fun and silly book. Follow the mathemachicken on a great adventure. She hopes on the bus and goes to school. Learning all kinds of math. A great sneaky way to have math in your book. I love books like this that help make learning exciting.


Cindy on behalf of Kiss the Book, review by Lisa Librarian – Such a darling graphic novel about being whatever you want to be. I loved Lily (the tiger) so much. Dan Thompson has drawn her a bit like Hobbs, but she isn’t mischievous, she’s cute and clever and a good friend. I’m glad to see book 2 is already out, excited to see more of their adventures.

Jo @ Goodreads – What a fun elementary graphic novel about Tig and Lily and friendship. This book is simply about acceptance of who you are and how you can be anything you want to be. It’s also about how to have and make friends and how they help you whenever you need it. This story was cute and children will love Lily’s innocence and Tig’s perkiness.

Tamara @ Goodreads – I’m sure Tig and Lily will get into lots of other shenanigans as this is just volume 1. This was an amusing read with lots of little noises off to the sides of the panels that could make for a funny read-aloud book.


Anne @ My Head Is Full of Books – What I liked about the book: 1. The dialogue and the illustrations aided in understanding the scope of the problem and the beauty of the completed boat. The illustrator is from Kenya and is self taught. I’m impressed. 2.My grandson and I discussed how we can help and what we are doing right as we reviewed the ‘How You Can Help’ page. 3. This book covers a timely/urgent topic related to climate change and saving our planet. I urge elementary librarians to add this book to your collection.