Book Playlist: MEET THE BEARS by Kate Peridot a #CYBILS ๐Ÿ“š๐ŸŽถย 


By Kate Peridot

Illustrated by Becca Hall

Welbeck Children’s

Animals, Children’s, Nonfiction, Zoology

Finalist – Elementary Nonfiction
2023 CYBILS Awards

The Book

Be ready to go on a reading adventure with this book!ย Meet the Bearsย is an easily accessible picture book packed with beautiful illustrations and valuable information about eight different species of bears, displayed in a variety of ways. Readers will enjoy the “Guess which bear?” feature and the fact that it is set up as an adventure, complete with travel tickets and a packing list! Maps, stats, size comparisons, and even information about other bear-like animals are included. We think this book will appeal to different levels of readers, allowing for a connection to a wide audience.

Tiffany Loveland, Youtube

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The Music

Meet the Bears by Kate Peridot and Becca Hall is a sweet educational picture book about various species of bears from all over the world. This playlist has music that is dedicated especially to each bear species.ย  Make sure to keep an ear out for each bear while reading about their characteristics – and donโ€™t forget to help the little girl find out what species her teddy bear is!

The Girl

Riya Fernando

Riya is thrilled to be able to combine two of her favorite things: books and music. She is an avid reader who can often be found with her nose in a murder mystery while listening to contemporary piano music, her favorite genre of piano music to listen to and play. She was introduced to CYBILS Awards through her mother, Category Chair and CYBILS Awards Board Member, who helped Riya cultivate her love for books. She hopes that others will love these playlists as much as she does!

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  1. I loved this book. So did my 6-year-old grandson. In fact the other day, I saw a TikTok of a bear harassing a group of girls and I wished I had a copy of this book so I could check which type of bear it was.

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  2. What a delightful combination of books and music I thoroughly enjoyed the “Meet the Bears” playlist, which perfectly complements the educational and engaging picture book by Kate Peridot and Becca Hall. The inclusion of travel tickets, packing lists, and fun facts about different bear species really makes the reading experience feel like an adventure. The music selection for each bear species adds an extra layer of excitement and helps to reinforce the learning. I appreciate how the playlist is designed to appeal to readers of all levels, making it a great resource for both children and adults.

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      Thanks so much for taking the time to share what you love about MEET THE BEARS and the playlist. ~ Team CYBILS

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