Cybils Awards Logos for Authors & Publishers


Before we say anything else, we want to say "congratulations!" Our goal here at the Cybils Awards is to recognize books that not only represent literary merit and kid appeal but also meet readers where they are and reflect their cultures and experiences with positive representation. 

There are thousands of new books published for the children's and teen markets every year. Being recognized as a Cybils Awards finalist or winner means that a reader thought your book was award worthy, and panels of judges did, too. We think that is pretty amazing and worthy of another congratulations!!

Ideas for Promoting
You + Your Award-Winning Book

Let's start with something easy: Your title. Be sure to add "Cybils Awards-winning author (or illustrator)" in your email signature block or anywhere you include your name. Finalists: be sure to include "Cybils Awards Finalist" next to every reference of your book. Wherever you talk about your book, add that note. These notes can be added to your author page on bookseller and book review websites, too.

Now, let's get graphic! To help you get the word out, we have created some promotional materials exclusively for finalists and winners. As you'll see in these samples, the possibilities for incorporating your award recognition into your promotional material is limitless.

Since so much book marketing happens on social media, we created our images in that framework. But that doesn't mean there aren't other options. Think: website or blog sidebars, event materials, bookmarks, and similar promotional materials.

NOTE: If you would like print-quality versions of our logos, please contact us.

Copyright Janae Marks. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


Examples using winner badge on
light and dark backgrounds.


Sample use for Instagram and banner/header images.

Copyright Chris Barton. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


Sample usage with three styles of imagery: main logo, logo with the
tag line, and finalist badge.


Copyright Christina Soontornvat. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


Example uses for promoting multiple books with award.

Sample usage: Instagram and banner/header images.

NOT SHOWN: Incorporating the Finalist or Winner badge into a banner/header that displays art.

Terms of Use

Cybils Awards Badge Request

The "Cybils Awards Finalist" and "Cybils Awards Winner" badges were created for the exclusive use of authors, illustrators, and publishers for the Cybils-awarded books.

Use of the badge is limited solely to the book that has received recognition. The linkage between the award and recognized book must be clearly distinguished from other books in your portfolio.

Creators wishing to use the badge must formally request it from the Cybils Awards. The nitty-gritty details:

  • The badges are non-transferable and cannot be used for other titles. Nor can the image be copied and shared to be used with works by other authors, illustrators, or publishers.
  • Permission is required to pair the logo with the words "Finalist" or "Winner," or use our "Finalist" or "Winner" badges. We do not charge for this.
  • The logo and image badges cannot be imprinted onto book covers. That is a separate license, and it does have a nominal fee.
  • Logo and badge images are for your use only. They are our intellectual property and cannot be shared, re-shared, copied, or in any way altered.

Bottom line:
Using the Finalist and Winners badge requires written approval from the Cybils Awards.

To make it easy and efficient, we have created a simple request form. Requestors (authors, illustrators, publishers) will need the following pieces of information.

  • Book Title and ISBN
  • Full name and email (requestor)
  • Your role/relationship with the book
  • Confirmation that you have marketing rights for the book

We look forward to receiving your request. You will receive a confirmation email immediately and a response within 72 hours.

Request a Badge