2019 Cybils Logos!

I was reminded, recently, that I had neglected to make the logos available for anyone who wants to snag them! I apologize, and hereby rectify it Here they are, in all their glory, please take and share!

Cybils Logo Bonanza!

They’re here! Thanks a million to our co-blog editor, Sarah, for the design.  Feel free to snag and share and post!    

The 2015 Cybils Logo!

In case you haven’t heard already: it’s the Cybils 10th year! We are super excited that we’ve been able to work with you volunteers to select the best and most kid-friendly books each year for TEN WHOLE YEARS, that we thought we deserved a logo to match our celebratory spirit. And so, our illustrious logo-designer, Sarah, came up with this: …

Now Updated for 2014: Cybils Bling!

Cybils coffee mug from Cafe Press

We are pleased to report that Cybils bling, updated with our 2014 logo, is now available from the Cybils store at Cafe Press. We have buttons, mousepads, magnets, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and a lovely Cybils tote bag. All proceeds from your purchase of these Cybils-themed items help to fund the purchase of prizes for the Cybils winners. Buying Cybils swag …