Help us locate missing winners

First, check out our fabulous prize:


Gorgeous, no?

Many thanks to Jim Lanier at Lanier Pens for his stunning craftsmanship. I had to adjust the logo a bit for the box, but it came out quite grand, methinks.

I’m really proud we were able to raise the money for such a gorgeous prize. It’s not the honorarium we’d all love to see our winners get, but it’s an elegant keepsake nonetheless.

I sent out all but five of these pens last week, and I got a few emails from as far away as Paris to let me know they’d safely arrived.

But five winners can’t be located. I need your help! If you know how to get in touch with any of the following, email me at anne AT bookbuds DOT net.

Andrew Donkin
Giovanni Rigano
Shelley Jackson
Paolo Lamanna
Eoin Colfer

All but Jackson worked on "Artemis Fowl," one of our Graphic Novels winners. For some odd reason, their U.S. publisher, Hyperion, hasn’t answered repeated emails.

If you have an updated contact for Hyperion or any of these people, please let me know asap! I’m moving at the end of June and the remaining pens will be boxed and lordie knows when I’ll get to unpack them again.

Thanks in advance,
Anne the Editor