#CYBILS2023 TBR: If you build it …

… we will  read it! There’s only one catch: the book has to get nominated. So how can  you be sure your favorites of 2023 get nominated? Tell us about them! 

For several years now, we’ve been using idea boards as a tool to collect suggested nominations. Category chairs add books they hope to see nominated, readers make recommendations to us, and we keep our eyes peeled as we go read our favorite blogs. This year, our idea boards are a special shelf on Goodreads.

We’ve got just over 300 books on our Eligible in 2023 shelf (Goodreads) so far. That sounds like a lot, but when you spread them out across categories … well, we could use a bunch more.

Nominations begin October 1, so we’ve got a little more than 2 weeks to build that TBR for #CYBILS2023. Let’s do this!


If you’re on GR, it’s easy to recommend a book. If you’re not, it’s still easy. Add a comment, send us an email, DM us on Instagram or Facebook.  Here’s the nitty gritty of what you need to know to make sure the book you love is eligible. Go here for category-specific details.

  • The book must be written for a youth audience. [No adult books teens love.]

  • The book must be published between 10/16/2022 and 10/15/2023.

  • It must be published in the United States or Canada, and must be widely available through public libraries or online booksellers.

  • Books can be in English or bilingual.

  • Books inconsistent with our Inclusivity Initiative will be disqualified.

Got questions? Be sure to reach out. We’re always happy to answer questions.