2023 CYBILS Judges: Board Book & Fiction Picture Book Panels

Let the parade of announcements begin!
We're starting with the youngest readers ...

Board books and picture books are our child’s first stories – at playtime, before nap, and as bedtime stories. They are a show-and-tell art form. Colorful. Beautiful. Funny. Poignant. Amazing. Pick your word. These are the stories – with and without words – that can capture our hearts and mind, whether we are two or 92!

The best ones are read over and over and over again, until we can recite them by heart. They are the foundation of our children's libraries and the best among them become lifelong treasures.

This judging panel will be looking for "the" book that excels in story, illustration, kid appeal, and literary value. These are you the books your toddler wanted you to read every day, multiple times a day. The story where your child wanted to "be" that character. Or the book so powerful you both sobbed at the end ... and couldn't stop thinking about it.

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R2: Finalist > Winner

R1: Nomination > Finalist


Of note: Although board books and fiction picture books are in the same category, they are judged separately.