2011 Nominations: Easy Readers/Early Chapter Books

The following books have been nominated in the 2011 Easy Readers/Short Chapter Books category. Easy Readers: A Call for a New Alphabet by Jef CzekajCharlesbridge Nominated by: Amy B.Reviewed by: Cath in the Hat A Green, Green Garden by Mercer MayerHarperCollins Nominated by: Kristen HarveyReviewed by: Katie_Ahearn Aggie Gets Lost (Aggie and Ben) by Lori RiesCharlesbridge Nominated by: Jeff BargerReviewed …

sheilaruth2011 Nominations: Easy Readers/Early Chapter Books

New Eligibility Rules

Nominations for the 2011 Cybils open just after the stroke of midnight (Pacific time) as Friday turns into Saturday. Check your list of favorite new books and get ready, everyone. But — uh oh — we've had some serious changes in our eligibility rules. Yes, we've gotten so big and la-di-da we can be a bit pickier now. The rules …

Anne LevyNew Eligibility Rules

The 2011 Graphic Novel Judges

Can I confess that I used to know one of the organizers for ComiCon and she kept trying to throw free tickets and parking passes at me? And someone who shall remain nameless kept making me turn them down because San Diego was a whole two-hour drive away (!) and maybe all those costumed hordes would scare the baby. Seriously. …

Anne LevyThe 2011 Graphic Novel Judges

The 2011 Middle Grade Fiction Judges

This is one of our most popular categories and organizer Kerry Millar decided to shake things up a bit this year. Some veteran judges were juggled around to make room for new blood. That's good for everyone involved, particularly those joining us for the first time. Welcome! Round 1 Colby Sharp Sharp Read Jennifer Donovan 5 Minutes for Books Karen …

Anne LevyThe 2011 Middle Grade Fiction Judges

The 2011 Poetry Judges

Poetry has long been the genre where we've insisted on the most credentials and expertise. It may get the fewest nominations, but it's far from the easiest to judge. Many of our experts are poets themselves and bring their practiced eye to the Cybils. Round One   Amy Ludwig VanDerwater  The Poem Farm @amylvpoemfarm   Susan Taylor Brown Susan Writes …

Anne LevyThe 2011 Poetry Judges

The 2011 Easy Reader/Early Chapter Book Judges

These are the books that help kids make the leap from hogging Mom's lap at storytime to sneaking a flashlight under the covers.  It's an important transition, and including this genre was an acknowledgement that these books didn't properly fit with either picture or middle grade books.  They're in a class by themselves, as are the judges. Round 1 Katie …

Anne LevyThe 2011 Easy Reader/Early Chapter Book Judges

The 2011 Nonfiction for MG/YA Judges

  Geez, some of these headlines are a mouthful. MG stands for Middle Grade and YA for Young Adult, for those of us without an MLS degree. This category has been a black hole for organizers and we tend to lose them at a tragic rate. Fortunately, it’s always been staffed by wonderful volunteers who can be counted on to …

Anne LevyThe 2011 Nonfiction for MG/YA Judges

Bookmarks update

Thanks to all who ordered bookmarks. The next batch is slated to ship from the printer on Oct. 3rd and I should have them about 5 days after that. If you haven't already ordered yours, you've obviously still got time! The bookmarks list our 2010 winners in all genres. Shoot me an email at anne (at) inlandempress (dot) com if …

Anne LevyBookmarks update

The 2011 Fiction Picture Book Judges

This category is a perennial favorite, but don't let the 32-page limit and all those pretty pictures fool you. It takes a sharp eye and a sharper mind to appreciate how text and illustration work together to create a singular experience for a child (or parent). We're pleased that a number of newcomers to the Cybils are among this year's …

Anne LevyThe 2011 Fiction Picture Book Judges

The 2011 NFPB Judges

Erm, that stands for Nonfiction Picture Books, which is rather long to fit in a headline. This year's batch is lead by Fiona Bayrock, herself a nonfiction author. Due to a mistake, this list was accidentally published to Facebook first. This is the correct list. Sorry for the owie. Round One Fiona Bayrock Books and 'Rocks Janssen Bradshaw Everyday Reading …

Anne LevyThe 2011 NFPB Judges