Typos and bad links

I just fixed a huge batch of bad links due to coding problems. I don't know html and my live-in computer expert found an actual paying job and stuck me with doing this by myself. Wah. I apologize for the aggravation, especially to bloggers who saw their blog names linked to the wrong URL or none at all.

If you see another bad link or a typo, please leave a comment below and I'll get to it as fast as I can. Many thanks to those who've already done so elsewhere on this blog, or who have emailed me to let me know. I'm only one person and am doing what I can, when I can, but I will fix it if I know where to find it.

Thanks again,

-Anne Levy, Cybils admin.

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  1. Anne

    Sarah, that is so sweet! My problem was cutting and pasting from emails into a TypePad post. I didn’t know that the coding gets all goofy in the process and I got sloppy about checking links. I know to watch for it now and hopefully this will stop being as much of a problem. But if I need to troubleshoot, it’s great to have someone to ask. Thanks!

  2. Darshana

    Anne, as long as the person prefaces the URL on the nomination form with “http://” the link will come out fine. If they do not do that than the following “www.wandsandworlds.com/cybils” is being appended to the person’s URL.
    I think if you or Sheila can update the nomination form to tell people they need to type “http://” that should take care of the issue.
    Can you please fix my link for Buglette PB. Thanks!

  3. Anne

    Darshana, I’ve been gradually noticing that myself. It’s a weird little quirk of TypePad’s, maybe? There seems to be several people with that problem, so they’ll all get fixed in a batch. Thanks!

  4. Sheila Ruth

    Good point, Darshana, and I’ll fix that on the nomination form. I just wanted to clarify for everyone that errors on the blog should go to Anne, or be posted here, and errors in nominations should go to me. I’ll get them quicker if you email me at sruth at wandsandworlds dot com. Please tell me the category and title of the nomination that needs correcting, so that I can find it.

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