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December 03, 2011



When I first started getting review copies, I was thrilled at getting everything. Now, I prefer to request books. I recognize that it costs for a publisher to send me a book, and if I get a package that I open and immediately say, "meh" it's a disappointment to me (and probably them, when I never find time to read and review the book).

I think the bottom line is that if they want to set up certain guidelines for the way they run their business, that's their prerogative.

Jennifer@5 Minutes for Books

I totally agree that I love an email query. It works especially well because I manage a team blog, so there are sometimes titles that I'm sent that would have been great for someone else. I sometimes forward them on, but I don't do it all the time, because that comes out of my pocket, and I have little patience with the post office.

I don't feel guilty about not reviewing titles I don't request, but I do think that we have a responsibility to make an effort with what we do ask for. I will admit that I am way less than 100% on reviewing received titles, but I am much more careful now about what I request so that I can give them the attention they deserve.

Melissa @imaginationsoup

Not only does it take time, you might not like the book enough to 1) finish it or 2) review it. Often times, I get sent titles without requesting them and even when I do request, I have to see the book to know whether it merits my endorsement . . . as I only post positive reviews.

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