Meet Sheila Ruth, Fantasy & Science Fiction Chair

Sheila2012Sheila Ruth is happy to have found her tribe in
the Cybils. Where else can she geek out about books with other people
who get it? She has been with the Cybils since the beginning, and has
worn several different hats over the years: Category Chair, Publisher
Liaison, and creator/developer of the Cybils database, but her favorite
part is reading and debating the books as a panelist.

Sheila loves to read, of course, and when she's
not reading she can often be found working backstage in community
theatre. She loves computers and technology, and also geeks out about
tech gadgets. (She's firmly in the Apple camp, which is clearly far
superior to that upstart, Android). She is a life-long resident of
Maryland, but is equally at home in cyberspace. Her favorite TV shows
are Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time, but she has a morbid fascination
with Storage Wars. Her favorite books are too numerous to mention.

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  1. Sherry

    My urchins and I are looking forward to the new season of Once Upon a Time. I hope they manage to make it as thoughtful and suspenseful as the first season was.

  2. Sheila Ruth

    Thanks, Alyce! Glad I’m not alone. Sherry: I agree. The first season was so well done that it set the bar high; I hope they can meet or exceed that with the second season.

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