Meet Jackie Parker, Young Adult Fiction Chair and Temporary Overlord

fully believes that her ability to consume great quantities of literature in
short periods of time was first fostered by the elementary school program “Book
It” which promised a button and free Pizza Hut to those who read enough.
It served her well in college, and then again, in 2006 during the inaugural
year of the Cybils. Since then, she has wildly wielded directives at YA Fiction
panelists each fall and winter. This year she’s serving double duty by
remaining YA Fiction chair and serving as Temporary-Decider-In-Chief while Anne
the Overlord wrangles her first flock of sixth graders.

full-time teen librarian, Jackie regularly bribes her teen volunteers with
pizza, and is currently looking forward to the imminent purchase of her first
house where she has already staked out entire walls to cover with bookshelves.
She will somehow manage to move during the Cybils.

Cybils have yet to reward her with greasy pizza.

Jackie blogs at Interactive Reader, and can be found on Twitter @interactiver.