The countdown begins …

After today, only two weeks remain until the Big Day. Yep, we plan to announce winners right here in this very space on February 14. Think of it as a great, big, Valentine’s smooch for the winning authors and illustrators (and their fans).

But for every winner, there will be fivefour, ah, runners-up. Honorees? I don’t know what we’ve decided to call them.

By now, I expect many people have opinions on what book should win. Maybe some of you were horrified at the short lists. How did that book get on the list? What were they thinking? Who do they think they are?

Okay, here’s your chance. We want to know. We want you to take over the blog and let it rip. What favorite author didn’t make it? What glaring omission is making you seethe?

Or do you just loooove the short lists? Do you want to hug all the panelists and name your pets after them?

You can leave anonymous comments, but keep them polite. No cussing. No name-calling or flaming. If there’s a question one of us can answer, we’ll do our best.

Otherwise, have at it. Your critique of the short lists will help make for a better contest next time around. At the very least, it lets us know what books matter to you, and that’s no small thing.

–Anne Levy, Cybils co-founder, Book Buds