Who do you think you are?

One question that has popped up here and there in response to the Cybils and the awards process is "who do you think you are?  Mr. Bigstuff?"

More specifically, people want to know what, exactly, makes kidlit bloggers qualified to judge children’s books.  We’re not like those awarding the ALA prizes.  Everyone knows who they are–librarians and other members of the ALA.  They are, then, qualified with a capital Q.

Now, some of us goofed and began listing our credentials (ahem). And then felt really guilty about it.  And this is why.  The spirit behind the Cybils is one of openness and transparency. There was an open call for volunteers. Each panelist and each judge provided a link to his or her blog available to anyone who wished to read their work.  Each panelist and each judge has a readily accessible e-mail.  And, most importantly, each member of this year’s Cybils team is passionate about children’s literature and their blogs reflect this fact. 

So today’s question is…Do the Cybils panelists and judges need to provide credentials for the process to have any validity?  Do you–especially those not participating as judges/panelists this year–think you should know more about us?  What exactly would be helpful to know?  Or is running a blog about children’s books–a blog accessible to all–enough.

Share your thoughts, folks!  We really are interested in what you have to say.

Posted by Kelly Herold, Cybils co-founder, Big A little a