2007 Nominations: Fantasy and Science Fiction

Science fiction and fantasy take us to realms of the imagination: places and times and realities where the rules of life may be different than our own and where the impossible and improbable become real. But good science fiction and fantasy does more than that; a book about magic for its own sake isn’t a very interesting book. Good science fiction and fantasy asks, "What if?" It makes us think. It holds up a mirror to our own society and lets us see ourselves in a different light.

Like our counterparts in the other categories, we’ll be looking for books that combine the best writing with kid or teen appeal, but we’ll also be looking at some of the unique requirements of the genre, such as world building and internal consistency. The elements in a science fiction or fantasy book don’t have to be possible, but the writer must make us believe that they really could exist, perhaps do exist, if only we could find them.

–Sheila Ruth, organizer

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Nominating the same book over and over WON’T help its chances … one book per category, one nomination per book … thanks!