2007 Nominations: Fiction Picture Books

Jules here, organizer for the Fiction Picture Books committee. What exactly will we obsessive picture book lovers be doing and looking for?

"The picture book is a peculiar art form that thrives on genius, intuition, daring, wrote Maurice Sendak in 1997. A picture book gives us what no other type of book can: the merging of text, art, and design to entertain us or make us think — or both. We’re looking for what you think are outstanding examples of the fusion of the written word and illustration, those 2007 picture books you wanted to immediately read again for their originality, cleverness, outstanding child appeal, beauty, or all of the above … Perhaps Lewis Carroll’s Alice put it best: What is the use of a book … without pictures or conversations?

That’s our story, and we’re stickin’ to it.

–Julie Danielson, organizer

Please leave a nomination — including author and title — for this category in the comments below.