2007 Nominations: Graphic Novels

In the foreword to his 1996 book, Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative, comics veteran Will Eisner said, "I hold that the story is the most critical component in a comic. Not only is it the intellectual frame on which all artwork rests, but it, more than anything else, helps the work endure."

In the Graphic Novels category of the Cybils, we’re looking for those compelling stories that won’t let you go; stories in which word and image are inseparable; stories that will endure in readers’ minds long after they’re put away. From ordinary kids to superheroes, from the everyday to the fantastical we want to read your nominations for the best graphic novels published this year for children and young adults.

–Sarah Stevenson, organizer

Please leave a nomination — including author and title — for this category in the comments below.