REVIEW: In Search of Mockingbird

Many thanks to Cheryl Rainfield, one of our panelists, who’s the first to buy a classified ad here at Cybils. We hope you all clicked on it and visited one of her blogs. She actually has two; the second reviews "Teen books that have something to say", where she has many thoughtful things to say of her own.

In today’s featured reviewed, Cheryl takes on In Search of Mockingbird, by Loretta Ellsworth, which is indeed about the Mockingbird — as in the classic To Kill a Mockingbird. Its teen protagonist, Erin, runs off to seek author Harper Lee and her connection to Erin’s dead mother.

Rainfield isn’t afraid to give a mixed review, which may not please authors but can be a huge boon to potential readers. Of Ellsworth’s Mockingbird, Cheryl writes:

Erin does not just passively accept help; she herself helps the key people who help her, helping them resolve their own emotional issues in a satisfying, real way. This serves to balance Erin and her situation out, and to make her more likable. However, Erin’s own resolution of her emotional issues did not feel believable to me, and this was a little disappointing.

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