REVIEW: My Dead Girlfriend

For Halloween, what could be better than a spooky book by a "ghost artist"? Our own Jackie Parker has the details at her blog.

For a brief time last summer, Finney was able to forget about his doomed
future. See, "for a member of the Bleak family the true measure of
success is not what is accomplished in LIFE, but in how preposterously
they achieve their DEATH." But when he met Jenny at the carnival, it
was instant love, and for the first time, Finney wasn’t just waiting to

There are a lot of great lines in this, especially at the beginning as Finneyhee tells us of the family curse. Here’s one from later on: "True, everyone
dies — some from natural causes, others from falling into a wood
chipper while trying to outrun a stampede of wild antelope."

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