REVIEW: Greetings from Planet Earth by Barbara Kerley

Hi. Kelly, here. Director of the Cybils, editor of The Edge of the Forest, and blogger over at Big A little a. Sadly, I’m not on any panel this year. I chose instead to work behind the scenes and I miss the animated discussions of a nominating panel. Sigh. Still, I’ve been lucky enough to read many of the Cybils-nominated titles throughout the year, especially in the Middle Grade fiction category. Here’s a review of one of my personal favorites–Greetings from Planet Earth, by Barbara Kerley:

It’s 1977 and twelve-year-old Theo is obsessed with space. So he’s
excited when his science teacher, Mr. Meyer, tells the class that the
Voyager probes will "each…carry a golden record: a message, in
pictures and sounds, from Earth to any aliens out there in space." Mr.
Meyer charges the class to bring in one picture and one minute of sound
conveying "what they thought was most important about Earth."

Read the rest of the review here.