REVIEW: The Silenced by James Devita

What can we say about Tadmack (Tanita S. Davis) that will do justice to her awesomeness? Let’s see…Her first novel is coming out soon. She’s wicked smart and shares her reviews and views with us over at Reading YA: Readers’ Rants and Finding Wonderland. (She co-blogs with the equally cool Sarah Stevenson, our Graphic Novels organizer.) And, according to insider information, she’s the fastest reader on the Fantasy/SciFi nominating panel. Today, Tadmack shares her review of James Devita’s The Silenced:

The Zero Tolerance Party: it’s no longer just a name or a political
theory held by a few. It’s invaded Marena’s life. It’s taken away her
mother, and put her father under house arrest. And now it’s invading
her school.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Mr. Greengritch had come to just talk–everybody at the Spring Valley Re-Dap Community is used to that, just
like they’re used to fingerprint scans, random body searches, no
privacy and no recourse. But, it’s still school, and school is always
the same, right? The JJ-girls–jingle-jangle they call themselves,
because of their jewelry–are air-headed and cute, and used to
ignoring people in favor of their own prattle. The nukes–new kids–are too scared to listen, separated as they are from their families and
sent to the community to learn what Zero Tolerance really means.

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