More sexy widgets!

Okay, so only one person commented on my SmartLinks post (Thanks, cloudscome!). But a number of you signed up for a SmartLinks widget, and they’re returning the love.

Meet Fraser, their programmer. Here’s his blog again. Ain’t he cute? I love geeks (yeah, okay, so I’m old enough to be his crazy auntie). And he worked his tush off to make this for us:

If you think this is purdy, check out this one:

Gorgeous, huh?
Want one? Well, do ya?

Super easy to install

Go to this page and follow instructions. Even I, total techno-klutz, managed not to electrocute myself.

You can play with how it looks, or pick among all eight Cybils categories. (You may need to play with the width–I found the standard 200 pixels too wide). 

Make money!

You can install your own Amazon ID, or Powell’s, B&N or BookSense. Or, ahem, you can install our codes and help us earn a few bucks. Here’s our IDs:

Amazon: cybils0c-20
(note those are zeroes)

BookSense: thecybils7

You’ll open a little box thingee for putting in the IDs. Don’t be like me–close the box afterwards! Otherwise the affiliate IDs don’t load and you’re stuck repeating the whole thing. Gah.

Spread the word

This is a pretty big favor Fraser did for us. I told you I drove him batty.

You can help by posting your favorite category in your sidebar–right next to the lovely one JacketFlap did for us too, if you like.

Check out the YA one in the center column here. Awesome!

–Anne Levy, editor