Tracking the impact

Here at the Cybils, we like to think that we’re doing more than just giving out awards. We believe we’re making a difference by connecting readers with books, and by helping people to find some of the best new children’s and young adult books out there. We know we’re having an impact: by the way word spreads through the blogosphere, by the number of people visiting the Cybils blog, and by the people buying through our Amazon and BookSense links.

But a little hard data wouldn’t hurt, either. We’d like to know what impact being a Cybils finalist or winner has on a book’s sales. If you are the author, illustrator, or publisher of one of the finalists, and you happened to be tracking Amazon rankings (or any other measure of sales) before, during, and after the announcements of the finalists, we’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to share your tracking results with us, contact Sheila Ruth: sruth at wandsandworlds dot com .

Sheila Ruth, Fantasy and Science Fiction Organizer and Independent Publishing Henchwoman