REVIEW: The Off Season, by Catherine Murdock

Kelly here, checking in with a review from Jen Robinson. 

What can we say about Jen in a brief introduction?  Well, she runs an amazing blog (Jen Robinson’s Book Page), writes level-headed, intelligent reviews, and has a passion for childhood literacy.  She’s been with the Cybils from the beginning and we couldn’t think of surviving without her.  Jen is an expert. A diamond. A class act.

Here’s her take on Catherine Murdock’s The Off Season:

I was eager to read Catherine Murdock’s The Off Season, sequel to Dairy Queen, because I loved the first book. The Off Season picks up right where Dairy Queen
left off. Quiet, determined D.J. attends the Jorgensen’s annual Labor
Day picnic and starts her junior year in high school. School is a bit
different for her now, because she’s playing on the school football
team. As a girl. So she gets more attention than she’s used to. It’s
mostly positive attention, because she’s good at football. So the year
starts out well for D.J. Things really look up when the handsome rival
quarterback, Brian (featured in the previous book), begins treating her
as more than just a friend.

But alas, things start to go downhill from there. An injury makes
D.J. question whether or not she can continue playing football. D.J.’s
best friend, Amber, is wrapped up in a new girlfriend, causing some
strain. D.J.’s favorite brother, Curtis, is sneaking around and lying
to the family, and their mother throws out her back from the stress.
Not to mention Brian’s evident reluctance to be seen with D.J. out in
public. And then a real tragedy occurs, changing everything for D.J.
and her family.

Oh, how I love the Schwenk family.

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