The new Cybils logo

I hope you all like our new logo.  It was the product of a four-way collaboration.  Little Willow of Bildungsroman blog stepped forward when I asked for a new logo that didn’t look like a giant sticker.  Her sister, Lisa Fuller, created the "mousebook" graphic for us.  Many thanks to Lisa and her Little Pie Studio

Little Willow and I went back and forth via email about a gajillion times.  She came up with a very close approximation of what you see.  All I pretty much did is tweak the font (from courier to american typewriter, if you must know), reverse the book’s direction and add our year.  Those last two ideas came from my husband, who hated the whole thing otherwise. He likes it now.  Phew!

Many thanks, Little Willow and Lisa!

–Anne Levy