We’re warming up for the 2008 contest …

The 3rd annual Cybils awards are nearly here!  For newcomers, Cybils stands for The Children’s and YA Bloggers’ Literary Awards, and we’re still the only book awards of any sort from the blogging community.

A refresher:

1. We open nominations to the public on Oct. 1 at cybils.com. Anyone 13 or older – authors and publishers included – may nominate a book in one of our eight genres.

2. This year, only books published in English between Jan. 1 and Oct. 15 are eligible.  This ups the odds of getting review copies in a timely fashion. 

(Authors – if your book comes out later than Oct. 15, you’ll be eligible next year. Promise).

3. Bilingual books are always welcome – there’s no rule on what the second language must be. Erdu’s as good as Spanish or Mandarin.

4. We’ll again have a one-book-per-category rule for nominations.

5. The books will go through two rounds of judging.  Finalists are announced Jan. 1.  Winners are announced Feb. 14. See tomorrow’s post if you’d like to judge.

Hope this answers some basic questions about this year’s contest. 

Reminder: we’ll post instructions tomorrow if you’d like to judge.

-Anne Levy, editor