2008 Nominations
Fantasy and Science Fiction

Rod Serling, creator of "The Twilight Zone," said "Fantasy is the
impossible made probable. Science fiction is the improbable made

In the Fantasy and Science Fiction category, that sentiment
is at the heart of the best novels for children and teens. The winning
novel published in 2008 will have amazing world building that brings newly discovered
lands and worlds to life. It will have characters who shine, who are
vivid and strong against the backdrop of the world. It will have
writing that surpasses all expectations, writing that shimmers and
pulses with its own style and brilliance.

All of these components will
come together into that magical whole: a book that speaks for its genre
but also exceeds it, blasting beyond into greatness.

–Tasha Saecker, organizer

Please leave a nomination — including
author and title — for in the comments below. One
nomination per person, per category, please.
Avoid duplicate nominations–it only takes ONE nomination to add a book to the list.