2008 Nominations
Easy Readers

Easy readers are books with simple words and short sentences for
children who are learning how to read. While picture books are read to
a child by an adult, easy readers are meant to be read by the child
himself. Easy readers are the bridge between picture books and chapter
books. (You’ll know you’ve found an easy reader when you see the words
"read," "reader," or "reading" on the cover.

Learning to read takes place on a continuum,
and the books reflect that. Easy readers range from 8 page books with a
single word or a simple phrase on each page to 64 page books divided
into chapters. (After children have become fluent readers, they move up
to longer chapter books.)

In the Easy Reader category of the Cybils, we are looking for
high-interest books with active stories (whether true or imaginary)
that are told with simple plot patterns, predictability, and
repetition. The art in these books should support the child reading
the book by clearly illustrating what is taking place in the story.

Did you find an 8-64 page easy reader book that a child just had to read again and again? Nominate it so we can read it too!

–Anastasia Suen, organizer

Please leave a nomination — including
author and title — in the comments below. One
nomination per person, per category, please.
Avoid duplicate nominations–it only takes ONE nomination to add a book to the list.